The Beginning; 0-year


We kicked it all off in Frisco, Colorado, on November 27th, 2004. We realized shortly after our wedding reception that we hardly stopped to enjoy it, some people couldn't make it, and it was too short anyway. And why have such a great party only once? And just one evening? There must be a better way ...

Wedding Photo Gallery

Vinci, Italy; 5-year


Having been in Europe since October 2006, Kate's FOMO (fear of missing out) got the best of her so we decided to plan the inaugural anniversary party in 2009 at a villa in Vinci, Italy, on the Tuscan countryside for approximately 40 of our closest friends and family. The scouting trip to visit all 5 venue options was tough work. Traveling the Italian countryside, just terrible. The things we do for you. And for those that weren't on that trip, it was miserable. Photo evidence linked below.

Italy Photo Gallery

Runaway Bay, Jamaica; 10-year


We moved back to the US in March 2013, and planned the 10-year anniversary party in 2014. My how time flies ... wow ... and traveling with extra baggage this time; kids!  Runaway Bay, Jamaica, had just the right mix of obscurity, adventure, cultural panache, and the ability to accommodate 50 people! These parties are getting out of hand! Or so Mike thought until the 15-year anniversary party attendee list came in at a mere 81 ...

Jamaica Photo Gallery