Villa Verano

Party Central


This 10-bedroom, 12-bathroom villa is the "main house" for our group. It has two kitchens, a rooftop game room, an air-conditioned gym, a pool, and a hot tub. The kitchen and bar will be full stocked for the entire group to hang out day and night.

  • 3rd Floor: Penthouse: Gimmy, Kate, Asher, and Ari Dobbs
  • 2nd Floor: Reef Fish Room: Matt, Rebekah, Maeve, Declan, and Fin O'Day
  • 2nd Floor: Turtle Room: Jake and Jacob Price and Jen Aakre
  • 2nd Floor: Jungle Bird Room: Graham, Hannah, and Alexander McCulloch and Charlotte van Baak
  • 2nd Floor: Monkey Room: Adam, Sheri, Caeley, and Keegan Bean
  • 1st Floor: Almond View Room: Adam, Cari, Lukas, and Catie Schleyer
  • 1st Floor: Courtyard Room One: Dayana, Sophia, and Jake Carlson and Shannon and Louie DiGiovanni
  • 1st Floor: Palm View Room: Shannon, Brett, and Paige Dilley
  • 1st Floor: Sea View Room: Ricky and Kloe Sawyer and Kerrie Griffin 
  • 1st Floor: Courtyard Room Two: Mike and Josie Renner and Kathleen DeHaven 

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Parrot Cove Lodge

Breakfast Stop, Activity Scheduling


Located just 177 feet south along the beach from Villa Verano, we've rented the entire  12-bedroom, 12-bathroom hotel. There are some double bed rooms,  king rooms, and suites. Rooms 1-7 are positioned around the private pool on the ground floor and rooms 11-15 (the suites) are up a flight of stairs with balconies overlooking the beach. Each room has a mini refrigerator and a coffee maker. Guests staying at Parrot Cove Lodge are welcome to walk over to Villa Verano if they need a full kitchen to prepare any meals.

Chef Rob's restaurant is located on the ground level, which is where our entire group will be served breakfast for the week, and also where our big anniversary party will be held on Thursday. Chef Rob changes his menu on a daily base inspired by the freshest products. You can have your meals prepared in the kitchen, or cooked directly at your table on a 700F hot rock, the 'Love on the Rocks' concept.

Maritsa and Victoria are the front desk staff and have been immensely helpful, as has Chef Rob. They'll take good care of you during your stay at Parrot Cove and have offered their assistance for anything you need.

  • Room 1: CJ, Emily, Sebastian, and Isla Raychel
  • Room 2: Brian and Cale Dobbs
  • Room 3: Steve and Julie Dobbs
  • Room 4: Blondie Dobbs and Jake Wakem
  • Room 5: Mike and Amy Shanler
  • Room 6: Genevieve, Olivia, and Ryan Shanler
  • Room 7: Derek and Beth Knerr
  • Room 11: Oma Iris and Larry Grimes
  • Room 12: Bill and Jo Heinkel
  • Room 13: Jim and Julie Dobbs
  • Room 14: Opa John Dobbs and Candace Ranger
  • Room 15: Rob, Laura, Tyler, and Travis Carson

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Villa Margarita

Howdy Neighbor


Villa Verano's neighbor, located just 6 feet south along the beach. This villa is 3 floors with 6 bedrooms, and we've rented the first 2 floors for a total of 4 bedrooms, a kitchen, and a living room. It's close enough that it'll feel like part of the same building. At the time of developing this website, the 3rd floor has not been rented by another group, so it's our private house.

  • Room 1: Tad, Chrissy, Alyx, Amalia, and Sloane Balsiger
  • Room 2: Opa Tom and Oma Nan Thomsen
  • Room 3: Tracy and Gaius Ariail
  • Room 4: Stan and Jomama Strickland

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Beaches and Dreams

The Bachelor Pad


We've rented the "Tree House" at Beaches and Dreams for the three bachelors, located 437 feet south along the beach from Villa Verano. Elevated on stilts like a traditional Belizean home to capture the ocean breezes, the tree house is nestled into a giant, fruiting mango tree. This room has a double bed downstairs and 3 twin beds upstairs in a full loft.

Beaches and Dreams has its own pool, and is also home to 2 restaurants. The Sea Bar is described as the biggest beach party in Hopkins, with Birdman the bartender and a menu of kebabs and wood fired pizza. The Barracuda brings together fine dining with a casual, seafront atmosphere, with an extensive brunch menu during the day and selections of  seafood, steaks, and pasta in the evening.

  • TJ Thomsen
  • Justin Dobbs
  • Jeremy Dobbs

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